Business Solutions

 Business performance depends on efficient and effective coordination of everyone and all systems involved. Leaders keep those dominoes falling in place.

And we help to get the right dominoes in the best place



Project management is the art of creating aligned rhythm and orchestrating as many instruments as needed and no more than necessary for the sound the audience wants to hear.

What sound do YOU hear?


Business Future

 Markets are created by people and companies that foresee their customer’s wants and needs, and are prepared to fulfill them when the demand arises.

Our commitment is for 
you to be prepared!


Business Solution Consulting

Whether your customers’ demands have changed, you have to cut expenses, you go into a new market or current processes simply bump against the wall too often, there are many causes for changes in any business operations.

And on top you need to adjust existing systems or add new ones?

Having a business track record in business as well as extensive technical experience, we are at home in both worlds:

  • working with your business to create smooth operations
  • working with your IT to understand and elevate those operations

Way too often did we have to witness IT and business struggle with each other, mostly because of misunderstandings and inefficient processes. And all your business needs is a set of tools allowing them to perform well.

In technologies we focus on

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Lotus Notes
  • WordPress

Beyond that, we have received excellent reviews for consulting projects using other technologies such as Java and AngularJS.

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Project Management

Project = Organizational tool for the fulfillment of your goals.

Project Manager = Trustee, tasked to fulfill on that aspect of the customer’s goal, which the project is designed for.

Embodying this definition, we bring in our consulting experience where appropriate. Having solid technical experience allows us to work on par with your or 3rd party engineers.

Our portfolio includes:

  • International software development, including outsourced projects
  • Migration projects
  • Small & large implementations
  • Multiple industries (banking, nutrition, insurances, universities, etc.)

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Business Future reDesign

We are all human. The best leaders are human. Humans tend to get comfortable when things go well, and we (as in ‘humans’) stop looking for what the company will look like in 5 or 10 years from now.

  • Will your high margin service have become a commodity? Are you organized for that?
  • Is your offering built on one kind of product/service?
  • Is your portfolio dependant on one other company that you partner with?
  • Who will your clients be in 5 or 10 years, what do you envision to have in store for them?

In a series of workshops your views of markets, your company and your ‘holy cows’ will be challenged, allowing you to create possible markets, products or offerings, and the actions you need to take today to make those creations a reality in the next few years.

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